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24/7 service

We are at your disposal 24h/24h seven day a week during the summer season to provide you with the best services.... Read more
From ┬áthe Chateau …. to Your Yacht … the wine must just be perfect …... Read more
From unique wine to selected food and delicatessen… Enjoy the Sea & Leave the rest to us … We bring directly from many region Cheeses , Truffes, Foie Gras, Chocolates, Saucissons .. and of course Brick ( Salmon Eggs ) , and Caviar .... Read more
From the world leading mineral water like Evian, to smaller sources, we have a large range of mineral water products to provide. For instance the very elegant Fillico mineral water.... Read more
What will be served , is important to us ….... Read more
Flowers are an important decoration . As we are specialists in aroma and we have organised many events, we shall have diverse options according to the occasion you have on board.... Read more

Parfumes & Home Fragrances

We have several series of Perfumes and Home Fragrance. They are an important form of self expression and should always reflect our personal style.An olfactory odyssey to a world exclusive scents. The sense of smell belongs more to the word of feelings and emotions than the word of mind and intellect… it is truly the […]... Read more
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