Parfumes & Home Fragrances

We have several series of Perfumes and Home Fragrance. They are an important form of self expression and should always reflect our personal style.An olfactory odyssey to a world exclusive scents.

The sense of smell belongs more to the word of feelings and emotions than the word of mind and intellect…
it is truly the most volatile and emotional human sense.

As we experience our environment , our sense of smell can evoke many desires. Its responses are immediate but its memory is long lasting….
The sense of smell can provide instant recall..

No fragrance can be all things to today’s woman or man…
they select fragrances or scents which can create moods to fit many occasions and points of view in their life.
Each of their fragrance choices communicates a facet of that appeal…and says something about their personality and style.
they may have a “signature fragrance” but it is not their only fragrance choice.
On average , they have 4-5 fragrances in their boudoir which express their sense of self and style…
The ingredients unfold to create a unique fragrance impression known as the Top..Middle..and Base notes

Top Notes

Create the first impression capturing your attention when you first experience a fragrance,
These will last for only a short time ….

Middle Notes

Create the heart of the fragrance and it rapidly supersedes the top note

Base Notes

Leave the last impression….known as the “dry down” …..the essence that remains after wearing a fragrance for several hours.