A creative team enthusiastic about theirs profession driven by the desire to innovate and achieve.

Coming from different Backgrounds ours team speaks combines more than 10 languages:
French, English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Polish,…

A singular mix of talent, daring in the quest for excellence. A unique enterprise that provides relevant innovative seminars. The successful combination of cultures grounded in tradition and elegance with the most advanced product presentation, industrial organization and management techniques.

A natural alliance with a global International vision of the world to serving the needs of selected customers

Whether it is asset investing, or philanthropic aspirations, we provide innovative and above all personalized solutions. We have gained client trust and loyalty through our intelligent and efficient service since our formation in 2010. Our clients commemorate our private office for our independent, clear and honest, competent advice on their most challenging issues.

At Codavi International, we are dedicated to provide a holistic range of services in the Luxury Hospitality Industry. With our base within the region of the largest commercial fleet of World, Cyprus is the perfect environment. Our philosophy: inspirational about creativity.